Wanted: Dead or Alive

DesperadosAccording to the Cochise County Sheriff today, the author Carl “No Hat” Grimsman has shirked his duty to write, in a timely manner, the first article of the World of Apache Portal series of in depth looks at the times of his romantic adventure novel, and has instead joined a band of desperados.

Desperados 2The Sheriff is not sure if these are the Henry Boys, The Hole in the Cactus Gang, or some other group of miscreants, but they are considered armed and dangerous.

According to a tourist who drove into Tombstone on a newfangled horseless carriage, the gang was seen headed for the Chiricahua Mountains, on foot.


Hideout 2It is believed they may have struck for the old miner’s cabin up Turkey Creek, but the area is thick with brush and commands a commanding view of the approach. How they will be rooted out is a matter of conjecture, at this point, and probably will require a sizable posse, once properly organized.

Hideout 1The Sheriff hopes that the author will come to his senses before it is too late, and realize what a lonely life lies ahead for any who would promise articles in good faith and then not deliver.

If indeed any life at all lies ahead. Perhaps the best that can be expected for the author is a good long time to cool his heels in the County Jail. Let us hope better for him as the dog days of summer proceed.