August Update

Iroquois ArtifactsI’m working on the final article for the World of Barbara Reilly, a series delving into the background and details behind the book. BARBARA REILLY is a heartwarming historical fantasy novel taking place in the 1940s and the 1770s in area of New York once inhabited by the Iroquois. The article will explore my research into the artifacts featured prominently throughout the story. The Iroquois were superb artisans. Their ceremonial items as well as everyday objects were beautiful and practical to use. You may thirst for simpler times reading BARBARA REILLY, and enjoying the picture essay, “Iroquois Artifacts,” to be posted in September

The article has been delayed while I focus on the editing of the next book. If you read my preceding post on this homepage ( you’ll know I’ll be taking readers on a journey into the American West, where a rancher’s son falls in love with an Apache girl, in 1880 Arizona Territory. I’m still on track to release the ebook on Tuesday October 15. The paperback will follow soon after. It’s an exciting project and I’m sure readers will be pleased with the romantic adventure historical fantasy. I can’t tell you the title yet, it’s a surprise. The wait will be worth it, though. Trust me!

Meanwhile check out the World of Barbara Reilly Series in the Articles section of this website. Learn more about the book and its plucky heroine, Barbara Reilly!