Lizard Wall

Pearce, ArizonaCan you see the lizard on the wall? Do you think this lizard knew how to color itself to blend in? I’m not sure what type of lizard this is. There are many different lizards in Arizona. This picture was taken at the ruin of an early ranch house near Pearce, Arizona. The location in Cochise County is very near the setting of the ranch in my latest novel APACHE PORTAL. The story takes place in 1880 during the last days of the free Apache. In it a rancher’s son falls in love with an Apache girl amid the dangers of the opening frontier. I visited this ruin several times during the writing of the book. Most of the house is red adobe. The mortared stone section was likely added later. Click on the picture above to enlarge, to see the lizard more clearly.

Pearce, Arizona 2