Been a busy Spring!

New article is coming, but gardens and shrubs call to be planted! A wonderful springtime here in central Arizona, land of the Yavapai and Apache. It has come early again this year — shirtsleeves from January forward — but has also held the hot weather off until now — very unusual to not cross the 80-degree mark before May 1st!

Blessings on you where you are, blessed be nature as it unravels after the winter. Blessings be the sun and wind, and despite the unrest in the world today, blessed be our lives, may they continue in peace and prosperity, and liberty and freedom from evil. Such the Apache must have thought, as they wandered out of the mountains to harvest the agave, just beginning to send forth flower stalks, for the great agave heart roasts that marked their spring.

More to come soon.

Wild and Wooly

Woolsey Homestead

New article in the works about a wild and wooly Arizonan most don’t know about, who lived in the days of the western frontier — the days of my historical fantasy novel APACHE PORTAL. Meantime check out the other in-depth looks at those times in my World of Apache section of this website. And have yourself a nice day!

Edge of Apacheria

Edge of Apacheria  partialApacheria is a name given to the lands where the six main groups of Apaches roamed at the time of American settlement of the Southwest. These six groups represented various subgroups and bands within them. The Chiricahua had three subgroups while the Western Apache had five or more, for example. The main groups did not freely associate with each other, neither were they belligerent; they simply were different enough in culture that they developed somewhat separated customs and language. This was, as much as for any reason, that they lived on different land. The Lipan Apache on the west Texas prairie hunted buffalo and slept in teepees, while the Chiricahua survived on antelope and agave cactus and built wickiups in the valleys of the Sierra Madre, while many of the Western Apaches, living in the cooler uplands, farmed and hunted elk.

My historical fantasy novel APACHE PORTAL takes place among the Chiricahua and early ranchers of southern Arizona Territory, but I wanted to write a few articles on some of the bordering areas of the frontier. This month the first of these side trip articles is posted in the World of Apache Portal section of this website. In The Founding of Prescott Arizona, I explore the tussle between North and South to secure the Arizona Territory from each other during the Civil War. This resulted in the first Territorial Capital at Prescott, and the establishment of historic Fort Whipple. And how the exact location was decided after gold was found in “them thar hills” – or in this case, rivers.

AZ Governor home logwork detail - Copy

Image Copyright 2015 Carl Grimsman


No Easy Place To Ranch

Water TroughNew Article, Early Arizona Ranching is up in World of Apache Portal section of this website. In it you will find many photos of early ranches in Cochise County, Arizona, taken by the author on several research trips for his historical fantasy novel APACHE PORTAL.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May you all experience much health and happiness — and good reading!! — in 2015.

Old Wagon

New Article Coming

This photo was taken at Faraway Ranch in Bonita Canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains. The ranch was settled by the Erickson Family, Swedish Immigrants, in 1886.

This photo was taken at Faraway Ranch in Bonita Canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains. The ranch was founded by the Erickson Family, Swedish immigrants, in 1886.

I’m working on a new article for World of Apache Portal. It explores early ranching in Cochise County, Arizona, where the historic fantasy Western novel, APACHE PORTAL takes place. It it a cattle rancher’s son falls in love with an Apache maiden, while trouble rages on the frontier between cavalry and renegade Indians.

My Books are About …

Honesty …and duplicity.

Love …and hate.

People making tough choices in tough times.

Self reliance on the frontier of America — from both the settlers’ and native americans’ perspective.

Courage. Heart. Bravery in the face of fear and to meet one’s fate.

Patriotism. Loyalty to tribe and country. Willingness to defend. Freedom.

Morality — striving to do the right thing — to honor oneself and one’s family.

Clear thinking and direct action. Self determination. Personal growth.

These aspects and qualities make my books BARBARA REILLY and APACHE PORTAL apt for the times in which live today.

Click on pictures of the books to read an excerpt. Available in ebook and paperback at Amazon or order at your local bookseller.

Delve into the details in the World of … sections of this website.

And take care … We live in momentous times!

Mountains Burning

Chiricahuas 2During the summer of 2011, on the eve of my first research trip for APACHE PORTAL, three massive wildfires at once burned out of control across eastern and southeastern Arizona.

By November the Chiricahua National Monument area of the Chiricahua Mountains was barely reopened, with limited access.

The second article in my World of Apache Portal series of in-depth looks at the settings and making of my exciting frontier novel explores the historic homeland of the Apache after the devastating “Horseshoe 2 Fire.”

Rock Lizard 1

World of Apache Portal

Dragoons and Middlemarch Road

“Cochise Stronghold: Dragoon Mountains” opens my new series of articles exploring the life and times of my frontier novel APACHE PORTAL.

Although the Chiricahua Apache were a nomadic people who followed cycles of game animals, wild crop harvest, and seasonal weather, the Dragoon Mountains were one of their favorite campsites. It was protected, well-watered, and provided many avenues of escape from enemies.

Join me on a pictorial hike into the historic environs of the brave Apache who lived here around the time when APACHE PORTAL was set, in this very area in 1880. And visit to buy the book as an ebook or paperback.

cochise county

Wanted: Dead or Alive

DesperadosAccording to the Cochise County Sheriff today, the author Carl “No Hat” Grimsman has shirked his duty to write, in a timely manner, the first article of the World of Apache Portal series of in depth looks at the times of his romantic adventure novel, and has instead joined a band of desperados.

Desperados 2The Sheriff is not sure if these are the Henry Boys, The Hole in the Cactus Gang, or some other group of miscreants, but they are considered armed and dangerous.

According to a tourist who drove into Tombstone on a newfangled horseless carriage, the gang was seen headed for the Chiricahua Mountains, on foot.


Hideout 2It is believed they may have struck for the old miner’s cabin up Turkey Creek, but the area is thick with brush and commands a commanding view of the approach. How they will be rooted out is a matter of conjecture, at this point, and probably will require a sizable posse, once properly organized.

Hideout 1The Sheriff hopes that the author will come to his senses before it is too late, and realize what a lonely life lies ahead for any who would promise articles in good faith and then not deliver.

If indeed any life at all lies ahead. Perhaps the best that can be expected for the author is a good long time to cool his heels in the County Jail. Let us hope better for him as the dog days of summer proceed.




Home of the Chiricahua

New article, “Cochise Stronghold: A Photo Essay,” in the works for posting this upcoming weekend. It is the first in the World of Apache Portal series of in-depth looks at the story and historical background of my latest novel APACHE PORTAL. Stay tuned!

Lizard Wall

Pearce, ArizonaCan you see the lizard on the wall? Do you think this lizard knew how to color itself to blend in? I’m not sure what type of lizard this is. There are many different lizards in Arizona. This picture was taken at the ruin of an early ranch house near Pearce, Arizona. The location in Cochise County is very near the setting of the ranch in my latest novel APACHE PORTAL. The story takes place in 1880 during the last days of the free Apache. In it a rancher’s son falls in love with an Apache girl amid the dangers of the opening frontier. I visited this ruin several times during the writing of the book. Most of the house is red adobe. The mortared stone section was likely added later. Click on the picture above to enlarge, to see the lizard more clearly.

Pearce, Arizona 2

Greetings From the Mountains

Dragoon MountainsI took the beautiful photo above in the Dragoon Mountains, during one of my research trips to Cochise County before writing APACHE PORTAL. This is where the famous chief of the Chiricahua Apaches lived and was buried by his people. The historical fantasy novel APACHE PORTAL takes place here in the last days of the free Apache and during the frontier’s early ranching period in 1880.

It pleases me that APACHE PORTAL is now available at Singing Wind Bookshop in Benson, Arizona, just north of the Dragoons. The renowned store, established on a working ranch in the early 1970s by Winifred Bundy, continues to offer a stellar selection of Southwest (and other) materials as well as embody the true flavor of the region. Singing Wind is featured in the Acknowledgments of APACHE PORTAL. It is truly worth a visit, or a call to order the book (520) 586-2425.

This is also to announce that I plan to launch a series of articles in 2014 as World of Apache Portal, exploring the times and people depicted in the book as well as how the story came to be written. It will be similar to the popular World of Barbara Reilly series, found in the Articles section of this website, which delves into the details of that book.

Meanwhile I’ve been hard at work on my next historical fantasy novel, scheduled for publication Fall 2014. More info on that forthcoming!

Final Barbara Article


“The Artifacts of Barbara Reilly” is up in the Articles section, under the title Iroquois Artifacts. It is the sixth and final in-depth look at the background and making of my historical fantasy novel, BARBARA REILLY, a heartwarming story of a farm girl in 1948 who connects with the long ago past of the Iroquois in upstate New York. The article features drawings from my sketchbook, made while researching the book, along with quotes and notes about the wonderful handcrafted objects from another era, found in the story.

Apache Portal

Apache Portal medium

News Release:

APACHE PORTAL, the exciting new novel by historical fantasy author Carl Grimsman, was published in ebook format on October 18, 2013. It is available here, at

“In 1880 Arizona, during the last days of the free Apache, sixteen-year-old Caleb Harned stumbles upon a lost and injured Indian girl. Determined to help, he hides her at his family’s ranch.

But hostile forces gather—cavalry chasing renegade Indians, bounty hunters, and townsfolk who threaten the couple’s budding love. Then the young woman vanishes, and Caleb is heartbroken.

His search for her leads him to the Dragoon Mountains, where the Apaches are converging, and then into danger as he fights to steal her back. But will her people open the way for him—the son of a white man—and share their deepest secret?

He only has until the moon is full, or he’ll lose her forever.

APACHE PORTAL is a historical fantasy brimming with Western adventure, romance, and mystery.”

The softcover print edition of APACHE PORTAL will be available mid-November.

November 18, 2013 Update: APACHE PORTAL is now available in paperback. It’s a beautiful edition (ISBN 978-1493605453), sure to become a treasured classic on bookshelves everywhere. Order today through your local bookstore or online from