If you read the brief description of the book on my website or on Amazon, you might guess that I try to provide a flavor of the book without giving too much away. You would be right. My goal is to allow joy of discovery for the reader, just like Barbara finds it in the story.

I would now love to share a bigger taste of the book, and again avoid spoiling the surprises.


Mystery * Adventure * Family values * A thirteen-year-old farm girl * Two time periods: Revolutionary War and Post-World-War-II America * Iroquois, also called Six Nations * An Indian girl * Magic * False Face masks * The 1940s * Farm life * Taughannock Stream and Trumansburg, New York * Eagle feather * 1779 * Wigwams * Fireflies * Charm bracelet * Photographs * Fourth of July cookout * Grampa * Cayuga Lake * Brother and sister squabbling * Premonition * Courage * Desperation * Danger * Wishing for a pony * Broken glass * Fire pit * Basket of eggs * Going to church * Cousins from Ithaca * Ulysses Philomathic Library * Maps * A road trip * Soldiers * Fog * Arrowheads * History * A diary * Ancestors * Onondaga * Love * Forest * Birds of prey * Pickup truck * Tractor * Artifacts * Waterfalls *

What flavor does all this give you, of the book? Does it feel like your kind of book? What subjects interest you the most? What do you like to read about?

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